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Player of the Week - Youth Football Program

Sponsor purchases the balls and they are donated to area.  We work with the sponsor to perfect the art work and graphics.  If the sponsor wants to do every team in area ($1125 value), we will take $125 dollars of the package price. 

So for $1,000, you get 45 balls. Sponsor benefits as the ball will certainly be shown off. 



5 Teams per area (Rookies, Freshman, Sophomore, JV, and Varsity)

       5 team area - Regular price $1,125 / Entire area $1,000 


4 Teams per area (Freshman, Sophomore, JV, and Varsity).

       4 team area -$900 / Entire area $785



9 games  - One area has a total of 45 Player of the Week ball over the course of the 9 week, regular season.


There are 2 white panels just for graphics, photos, logos, etc. 


1. Team's Name

2. Name and Jersey Number

3. Date of Game

4. Score & Opponent



1.  Sponsor Name

2.  Sponsor's Logo

4.  Sponsor's Phone Number / Address / Email / Website

Questions & Answers

QUESTION: What do we offer? 

ANSWER:  This is a unique, one of a kind gift or novelty. We can put almost anything that you can think of on a ball. 

QUESTION:  What kinds of balls do we have to offer? 

ANSWER:  Football, basketball, baseball, softball, rugby, soccer, volleyball, faux golf ball, and Christmas ornaments.  The football, basketball, rugby, soccer and volleyball come in full and mini sizes. 

QUESTION:  How long does it take to get my custom ball after I've approved the design?

ANSWER:  Once the design is approved, the ball will be shipped within 2 days.  Depending on how you want it shipped, you should have your custom ball within 7 days.  Express shipping is available.


* T-shirts (long and short sleeve), Sweatshirts (Hoody and Crew Neck), Tank Tops and more...

Player of the Week -  Frequently Asked Questions

This program is geared to provide youth football teams with a quality player of the week honor. 

Question:  Who benefits from this program? 

Answer:  Football programs benefit by providing a quality, one of kind award at an affordable price.  Sponsors' logo is added to the bottom panel of the ball.

Question:  What graphics are used to design the ball?

Answer:  Every ball is designed by the customer and sponsor when applicable. 

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